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facebook in the news number 2

Things said or done 0n the internet should not be taken as seriously as something actually said. If something gets 57 “Like if you hates,” this should not be taken literally. People could like it even if they have never meet the person. For example, on twitter someone posted “Re tweet if you intercepted Matt Ryan’s pass,” and it got re-tweeted 158 times. This defiantly does not mean 158 people intercepted Matt Ryan’s pass, it mean 158 people had the opportunity to go on the internet and decided to re-tweet it.  think cyber bullying. These two examples just show the capabilities of the internet, not the meaning of the post. Also, going back to the 57 “Like if you hate” example from the article, people will always hate you, so don’t take something like this to heart, but take it as stating the obvious. People hate a lot of people, and people can like that post even if they don’t mean it so don’t feel bad.

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facebook in the news

Just as people communicate in real life, people communicate on Facebook. Anything that is put on Facebook is related to real life even if it is one the internet. I don’t think I have enough information to say if this teen was treated fairly but he does have to realize that stuff that is put on the internet could be used against you. I would think it would be unfair if someone else posted it without his permission but since he posted it, it has a direct effect on his life. Now some jobs are using Facebook to find out things about people. Everyone, not only this teen, has to be careful what they post on Facebook.

Social Network Numero tres

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Who: The photo as Ariana Shives and I.

What: We are posting for my parents to take a picture before the homecoming dance.

When: We took this  few hours before the Homecoming dance.

Where: At Ariana’s house.

Why: We take pictures before the every school dance. I posted it as my profile pic because enjoyed the dance and i liked the picture.

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Social networking numero dos

Audience:When I’m writing on a social network, I only write to people that are my actual friends. The people that i am talking to on social media are the same people I talk to in reality. While my posts on twitter could be seen by anyone, my purpose is to have my friends see it.

Content: More often than not, my posts consists of a visual. When posting, I try to have a purpose and a lot of the time I am pertaining to a occasion going on in my life.

Occasion: Many occasions could prompt me into posting something. Examples could be a football game, beating JM, school dances, a concert, etc.

Media: i currently use Facebook, twitter, and intagram, each having a different purpose.

Purpose: I use Facebook mainly to look at new photos people have posted. I tend to not pay attention to written things on Facebook because of Twitter. I use Twitter for my  informational and entertainment purposes. I look at peoples written posts and pictures on Twitter. Facebook and twitter is another way to connect people through entertainment. Instagram is a picture orientated website. I think Instagram is more formal than Facebook with the different photo editing options with the application. Instagram creates a different social atmosphere. People put more effort into making a Instagram photo look good than they do a Facebook photo.



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Social Network

I use the social networks Facebook, Twitter, and Instamatic, all having different purposes. I use all three to find pictures of people but when finding peoples feeds I use twitter instead of Facebook. I like twitter more because there is less thing to do on it. This may sound worse but I believe it puts more meaning into the things posted on Facebook. I think a favorite on twitter has more meaningful than a like on Facebook. But even then I’m on twitter, a post heavy website, I tend to look at pictures just as much as im looking at peoples writing. When posting on twitter, I think people put a lot more thought into the words said because of the word limit and the want for retweets and favorites. But most of all, I think verbal communication has the most meaning and is the most important form of communication. But since social media exist, I do think it is important to take opportunities of the opportunities it offers