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38 other players fave reach the 20,000 point mark. Now, Lebron James is the youngest of all time to score 20,000 point. The previous yongust 20,000 point scorer was Kobe Bryant. Lebron reach his 20000 point mark against the Warriors on Wednesday. Going into the game, Lebron needed 18 points and he archived that easily. That game, Lebron also got his 5,000th assist to Dwayne Wade.Lebron was originally drafted to the Cavaliers at 18 years old, but he is now on the heat.

People could see during the last olymic games that Lebron is more dominate than any play in the world including Kevin Durant. So there is no question Lebron the best player in the NBA but is he the best of all time. I can’t say weather Lebron is better than Micheal Jordan but i do know Micheal was a great competitor and a great basketball player. I think the true deciding factor will be if Lebron can obtain the same number of championships as Micheal. Ive read things about the dream team that Micheal was on and I was very impressed. There closest game was a win by 32 points. Lebron’s team had no win like that.


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