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Flu epidemic

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On January 11th, the “Flu season” has become epidemic. People from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continue to encourage people to get the flu shot even thought the vaccine is only 62% effective. 20 children have died from the flu. There is also a shortage for the flu vaccine and official say they would be happy if 50% of Americans got the vaccine. Doctor’s are still looking for an immunity of the flu virus. 23 deaths have been confirmed in Minnesota alone. Minnesota last bad flu year was in 2009 where their was 63 deaths. The number of people hospitalized in 2009 is also similar to this year. Doctors say that the few season is hard to predict and don’t know how long flew seasons last.

Because of the lack of cold weather, I am surprised we went into the a flu epidemic this year. If someone I knew died from I would be devastated and confussed. I think of the flu as a common thing that everyone gets and when people die from it, it becomes hard to understand. It’s also scary to think about if viruses can morph. Viruses could morph and kill most of our population. An example is “I am legend.” These types of things could happen in real life and could bring an end to human population


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