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6 teachers and 20 students shot in Newtown. People are already taking about the ownership of machine guns. Obama has spoken in favor of banning these types of weapons but the National Rifle Association says they will fight against congress to keep ownership of machine guns legal. Numerous people sent letters to the white house asking for change.¬† Some letter writers will be seen at the White House on Wednesday. Many other companies continue to have gun shows. While these companies preach gun safety, many of the people they are selling to don’t which creates a problem.

I think all guns should be banded to the public and especially machine guns. Machine guns have no use other than being a threat. While many people that own these guns are safe people, all it takes is one messed up guy to get his hands on a machine gun and another shooting happens. I think Obama is concerned with the ownership of these types of weapons but until he does something about it, shooting will continue to happen. Obama hasn’t seem to much in his presidency, which brings concerns to me. I am confused why there is any controversy on the topic. I think there is a easy solution. The ownership of machine guns causes mass shootings, so we should bane them. It is as simple as that.


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