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The Lakers

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The Lakers are now 16-21 after barely winning against the Cavaliers. Now, more than likely, they will not making the playoffs unless a big turnaround happens. The Lakers are three spots away from the final playoff position making playoffs very hard to obtain. While Kobe is having another terrific year scoring 30 points in numerous games, Paul Gasoll has had trouble getting on the court with multiple injuries. But soon, the Lakers will be at full strength with Gasol coming back. Nash looks optimistic when he says “This is going to be a really exciting chapter of my career,”. The other day against the Oklahoma City, Adam Sander left early.

I think the Lakers will not turn it around. I don’t think it is efficient to have Nash and Kobe on the same team because they both want the ball. With so many all stars on one team they are not showing very good efficiency. They also look lazy on defense which a playoff team cannot have. Tonight they play the Buck and I think they will also loose. I don’t know a person on the Bucks but I still think they will win with the poor play and lack of effort by the Lakers. If they do somehow make it to the playoffs, I still think OKC and the heat are much better


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