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Top 10 Rapers of 2012

It the end of 2012, new artist and new styles of rap music continue to come out. Rap is very competitive and artists are rappers are always trying to be on top. This is what makes the list so good. While great artists have come out with great songs, only 10 at has the criteria to make the “Fix Top 10.”

  1. Kanye West. Kanye again had another successful year. He came out with one of the best songs of the year “Mercy.” He also produced and rapped in one of my favorite albums of all time “Good Music Cruel Summer.” I still think Kanye is one of the most creative rappers of all time. These accomplishments and his popularity put Kanye at number one.
  2. Kendrick Lamar. Kendrick came out with “Good Kid M.A.A.D. City” that is another one of my all-time favorites and is the most lyrically creative and best sounding album I have heard this year.
  3. Nas. Nas came out with “Life is Good”. Is has great creative beat and Nas is very good in the album. His flows are really fast and hard to follow which puts him at number 3
  4. Lupe fiasco. Lupe came out with “Food and Liquor 2” Lupe is one of the most lyrically gifted of the rappers on the list, but his style is a little not as appealing as other rappers.
  5. Pusha T. Pusha T came out with great singles like “Pain” and “Exodus” and had numerous parts in “Good Music Cruel Summer.” While he was fairly active I think his flows get a little repetitive and I don’t think he is as the skill level of the rappers at the top of the list
  6. 2 Chainz. 2 Chainz is one of the best sounding rappers of 2012. He has very creative rhyme scemes and his style makes him really entertaining. He came out with on of the most popular albums of the year “Based on a T.R.U. Story.”
  7. Big Sean. Big Sean also had a part in Mercy along with many parts in “Good Music Cruel Summer. He also came out with one of my favorite mix tapes of the year “Detroit.” He has a similar style as Kanye with a very unique voice.
  8. Meek mill. Meek Mill came out with the album “Dreams and Nightmares” and the mix tape “Dream chasers “He is a very good up-tempo with a unique voice and style. One negative is his songs get repetitive with many similar sounding songs.
  9. Drake. Drake is featured in many songs this year but he didn’t produce as much music as other rappers but I still think he one of the most talented rappers of the year.
  10. A$ap Rocky. Asap has not created very many track this year but he is a great up and coming rapper that is very talented.


  1. Productivity
  2. Quality of music/attractiveness
  3. Artists’ Popularity
  4. Artists’ Skill

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3 thoughts on “Top 10

  1. I do agree to a certain point on your 2012 rap list. The fact that you have a lot of underground rappers comming into the spot light out of nowhere i don’t agree with. Your list probably should’ve had more well known artists but that’s just my opionion.

  2. Well i agree with about the top 3 then after that this list is horrid. It seems like he put some thought into top 3 then just threw the next 7 on there. Aside from that, i do agree with this list somewhat. Kanye is a beast and meek mill should be higher.

  3. Well, overall this list is a good reflection on the top rappers of 2012. However, i do disagree with some artists that you decided to add. For example, 2 Chainz should be replaced with Wale. Plain and simple. I also think Drake should be placed higher in the list, but what can you do. Nick- things to improve on:
    1. Maybe put some effort into this? Its needed.
    2. Don’t like a rapper just because their songs are catchy, listen to the lyrics and in that find the true meaning of a great rapper.

    I expected better from you FIX.

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