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facebook in the news number 2

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Things said or done 0n the internet should not be taken as seriously as something actually said. If something gets 57 “Like if you hates,” this should not be taken literally. People could like it even if they have never meet the person. For example, on twitter someone posted “Re tweet if you intercepted Matt Ryan’s pass,” and it got re-tweeted 158 times. This defiantly does not mean 158 people intercepted Matt Ryan’s pass, it mean 158 people had the opportunity to go on the internet and decided to re-tweet it.  think cyber bullying. These two examples just show the capabilities of the internet, not the meaning of the post. Also, going back to the 57 “Like if you hate” example from the article, people will always hate you, so don’t take something like this to heart, but take it as stating the obvious. People hate a lot of people, and people can like that post even if they don’t mean it so don’t feel bad.


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