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Social networking numero dos

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Audience:When I’m writing on a social network, I only write to people that are my actual friends. The people that i am talking to on social media are the same people I talk to in reality. While my posts on twitter could be seen by anyone, my purpose is to have my friends see it.

Content: More often than not, my posts consists of a visual. When posting, I try to have a purpose and a lot of the time I am pertaining to a occasion going on in my life.

Occasion: Many occasions could prompt me into posting something. Examples could be a football game, beating JM, school dances, a concert, etc.

Media: i currently use Facebook, twitter, and intagram, each having a different purpose.

Purpose: I use Facebook mainly to look at new photos people have posted. I tend to not pay attention to written things on Facebook because of Twitter. I use Twitter for my  informational and entertainment purposes. I look at peoples written posts and pictures on Twitter. Facebook and twitter is another way to connect people through entertainment. Instagram is a picture orientated website. I think Instagram is more formal than Facebook with the different photo editing options with the application. Instagram creates a different social atmosphere. People put more effort into making a Instagram photo look good than they do a Facebook photo.




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