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Speaker: Who is in the video? Provide more than simply a name here. Do they have more videos than this one? a channel on YouTube? Where are they from? What is their background? Include any information here that tells about the video’s creator.

Go pro inc. Go pro sponsors athletes and these athletes get put into the video. This is their release of their third product. They have made the gopro, gopro 2, and now the gopro 3.

Content: Explain thoroughly what is going on in the video. What happens? The video consists of athletes doing  things like surfing, base jumping, skiing, mountain biking, etc. They try to get great footage and cool camera angle to help sell the Gopro 3. For example a guy is surfing and the camera is in the wave looking at the person surfing. Gopro also uses uptempo music that goes along with the video content.

Occasion: When was the video created? What may the video be in response to? Oct 27 2012. They released their new product the Gopro 3

Purpose: Why was this video created and posted to YouTube beyond simply “to entertain”? They are selling their product, and trying to make a really cool video.

Additionally, take a look at the video with the goal of identifying elements of the video that make it such a viral sensation. What is it about this video that attracts you and million(s) of others to it? The product Gopro is already a established product and people want to check out their new product and the cool things that can be gone. It is also one of the craziest and coolest videos I have seen


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