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1. How does this song connect to an event/period of your life? Even though Kanye West is probably talking about a girl, this song can relate to anyone looking for something or someone to love. For example,when someone is searching for a job in life, people need to find something they truely love and are dedicated to otherwise there will be a “system overload.” Finding something you love is key to having a good relation with anything in life.

2. What draws you to this song on a personal level? It is slightly a repeat of what my dad tells me about finding a job. He always says “It doesn’t matter how much money you make, as long as you find a job you love.” This song is repeating the message but in different contexts.

3. Describe when you would find yourself listening to this song. I listen to this song when I’m in the mood for good rap that’s a little different. I don’t listen to this song for certain events and I have never listened to the song because of the meaning.


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