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Annotation 2

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1. CIRCLE any strong verbs that show action in the song.

  • doctors performing procedures
  • cremate
  • wet

2. STAR any autobiographical words/phrases.

  • I wet you all with the Holly water
  • Man I gotta get my soul right
  • I got dreams of holding a Nine milla

3. UNDERLINE examples of loaded language that show bias, exaggeration, emotion, etc.

  • Lucifer, dawn of the morning! I’m gonna chase you out of Earth
  • Jesus I ain’t trying to be facetious But “Vengance is mine” said the Lord You said it better than all
  • Lord forgive him we all have sinned
    But Bobs a good dude please let him in
    And if you feel in my heart that I long for revenge
    Please blame it on the sun of the mourning
    Thanks Again

4. In the margin, ask two questions on material you would like clarified.

When jay-z is talking about he in the second verse, who is he talking about?

Who is Bob? Why is he using this figure?

5. MARK (D/A) any combination of four statements you either agree or disagree with.

A: Lord forgive him
He got them dark forces in him

A:Hope you been reading your psalms and chapters
Paying your ties being good Catholics
I’m coming

A:Man I gotta get my soul right
I gotta get these Devils out my life

A:Man I gotta get my soul right
‘For I’m locked up for my whole life
Everytime it seems it’s all right
Somebody want they soul to rise


1. Who is the speaker? Jay Z

2. Who is the speaker speaking to? He is speaking to people that aren’t living with religion in their lives or have made mistakes in their past

3. What is the topic/focus of the song? Talks about peoples relation with religion

4. What is the speaker’s attitude toward the topic/focus? Jay-Z is angry and seeking revenge for past events

5. What is your personal reaction to the speaker’s message in the song? The song is very well put together and after looking at rap genius is very deep with multiple connections.


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