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1. Who is the artist being interviewed? Who is interviewing the artist? What is the source/medium of the interview?

Common, Pusha T, Cyhi the Prynce, Teyana Taylor and Big Sean being interviewed by Fuse

2. What was the focus of the interview? They focus on the release of their new album and the possess it took to make it.

3. What did the artist have to say about the music they make? They mainly talked about the process of making their verses and changing their lyrics to make their music the best it can be. The artists tell about Kanye pushing the artists and criticizing their lyrics.

4. From the interview, what could you gather about the image/lifestyle the artist leads? Good music has a very egotistical songs and they show this in the way they present themselves with their cloths and the way they act around and audience.

5. What connections can you make between the artist’s image/lifestyle and the content of their music? Again, they are egotistical and they strive to be the best. They show this in the way they present themselves.


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