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Music Video

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1. What is the song about?

2. What is the artist’s attitude toward the subject of the song?

3. Quote one lyric that stands out and note why it stood out to you.

4. Share and support your opinion about this song.

5. What images/lyrics/messages are appealing to the listener?


One thought on “Music Video

  1. 1. What i believe the song is about is that people have kinda gotten out of control and that people don’t believe in anything anymore.
    2. We as people need structure. We need guide lines and laws for people to follow to restore order.
    3. “No sins as long as there’s permission,” it stood out to me because it’s saying it’s not wrong if you have permission to do something but i disagree because morally it could still be wrong to do.
    4. I believe people have forgotten about their beliefs and are some what out of control.
    5. Images appealing to me are the people fighting the swat team.

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