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What did I do

I finished my two blogs. I looked at Ap and Deach look up basketball gear online.


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The Class

21st Century English focusses on a new era of communication. We use newer forms of communicating and sharing information. Twitter, YouTube, and blogs are now a more common form of communication. We will analyse these new ways and study why we would communicate in these new ways. We will get a greater understanding of communication and why to communicate. We will learn the importance of an audience and how to adapt to different kinds of audiences.

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This is Nick Fix’s blog. I play football, basketball, and lacrosse. I enjoy listening to music and sailing even though I havnt sailed in 2 years. I would want to play lacrosse or sail in college and possibly play footaball. My highlights of last summer was playing lacrosse on Jaxx Lacrosse in Delaware, New Jersey, Chicago, and Long Island. I also did some hardcore fishing up at the Deach’s cabin where I caught my personal record bass.