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Last day of english



38 other players fave reach the 20,000 point mark. Now, Lebron James is the youngest of all time to score 20,000 point. The previous yongust 20,000 point scorer was Kobe Bryant. Lebron reach his 20000 point mark against the Warriors on Wednesday. Going into the game, Lebron needed 18 points and he archived that easily. That game, Lebron also got his 5,000th assist to Dwayne Wade.Lebron was originally drafted to the Cavaliers at 18 years old, but he is now on the heat.

People could see during the last olymic games that Lebron is more dominate than any play in the world including Kevin Durant. So there is no question Lebron the best player in the NBA but is he the best of all time. I can’t say weather Lebron is better than Micheal Jordan but i do know Micheal was a great competitor and a great basketball player. I think the true deciding factor will be if Lebron can obtain the same number of championships as Micheal. Ive read things about the dream team that Micheal was on and I was very impressed. There closest game was a win by 32 points. Lebron’s team had no win like that.


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Flu epidemic



On January 11th, the “Flu season” has become epidemic. People from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continue to encourage people to get the flu shot even thought the vaccine is only 62% effective. 20 children have died from the flu. There is also a shortage for the flu vaccine and official say they would be happy if 50% of Americans got the vaccine. Doctor’s are still looking for an immunity of the flu virus. 23 deaths have been confirmed in Minnesota alone. Minnesota last bad flu year was in 2009 where their was 63 deaths. The number of people hospitalized in 2009 is also similar to this year. Doctors say that the few season is hard to predict and don’t know how long flew seasons last.

Because of the lack of cold weather, I am surprised we went into the a flu epidemic this year. If someone I knew died from I would be devastated and confussed. I think of the flu as a common thing that everyone gets and when people die from it, it becomes hard to understand. It’s also scary to think about if viruses can morph. Viruses could morph and kill most of our population. An example is “I am legend.” These types of things could happen in real life and could bring an end to human population

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6 teachers and 20 students shot in Newtown. People are already taking about the ownership of machine guns. Obama has spoken in favor of banning these types of weapons but the National Rifle Association says they will fight against congress to keep ownership of machine guns legal. Numerous people sent letters to the white house asking for change.  Some letter writers will be seen at the White House on Wednesday. Many other companies continue to have gun shows. While these companies preach gun safety, many of the people they are selling to don’t which creates a problem.

I think all guns should be banded to the public and especially machine guns. Machine guns have no use other than being a threat. While many people that own these guns are safe people, all it takes is one messed up guy to get his hands on a machine gun and another shooting happens. I think Obama is concerned with the ownership of these types of weapons but until he does something about it, shooting will continue to happen. Obama hasn’t seem to much in his presidency, which brings concerns to me. I am confused why there is any controversy on the topic. I think there is a easy solution. The ownership of machine guns causes mass shootings, so we should bane them. It is as simple as that.

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The Lakers



The Lakers are now 16-21 after barely winning against the Cavaliers. Now, more than likely, they will not making the playoffs unless a big turnaround happens. The Lakers are three spots away from the final playoff position making playoffs very hard to obtain. While Kobe is having another terrific year scoring 30 points in numerous games, Paul Gasoll has had trouble getting on the court with multiple injuries. But soon, the Lakers will be at full strength with Gasol coming back. Nash looks optimistic when he says “This is going to be a really exciting chapter of my career,”. The other day against the Oklahoma City, Adam Sander left early.

I think the Lakers will not turn it around. I don’t think it is efficient to have Nash and Kobe on the same team because they both want the ball. With so many all stars on one team they are not showing very good efficiency. They also look lazy on defense which a playoff team cannot have. Tonight they play the Buck and I think they will also loose. I don’t know a person on the Bucks but I still think they will win with the poor play and lack of effort by the Lakers. If they do somehow make it to the playoffs, I still think OKC and the heat are much better

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Championship Weekend



The Championship weekend is this weekend and teams are playing to get to the superbowl. The New England Patriots are going to play the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC. The San Fransisco 49ers are going to play the Atlanta Falcons. The Patriots have Rob Gronkowski injured and he is out for the rest of the year with a broken forearm. This could be Ray Lewis’s last game in Foxboro. With the high competitiveness Ray and Tom, many are expecting a close game. For the NFC, Matt Ryan and Tony Gonzalez of the Atlanta Falcons just came off their first playoff victory. Atlanta has had some trouble defending running quarterback, giving up more than 700 yards in two games to Cam Newton and 385 yards through the air and another 60 on the ground to Russel Wilson. Colin Kaepernick is the only running back left in the playoff.

My two picks to go to to the chapionship are the Patriots and the 49ers. I think Tom Brady is two good for any team right now especially with the crush last week. The Patriots also have a great pass defense which is going to force Flaco to throw. I also think Capernick is going to take over the game. He is very confident after a win against Green Bay. Also, I think the 49ers defense is too good with many pro bowl picks.


Top 10

Top 10 Rapers of 2012

It the end of 2012, new artist and new styles of rap music continue to come out. Rap is very competitive and artists are rappers are always trying to be on top. This is what makes the list so good. While great artists have come out with great songs, only 10 at has the criteria to make the “Fix Top 10.”

  1. Kanye West. Kanye again had another successful year. He came out with one of the best songs of the year “Mercy.” He also produced and rapped in one of my favorite albums of all time “Good Music Cruel Summer.” I still think Kanye is one of the most creative rappers of all time. These accomplishments and his popularity put Kanye at number one.
  2. Kendrick Lamar. Kendrick came out with “Good Kid M.A.A.D. City” that is another one of my all-time favorites and is the most lyrically creative and best sounding album I have heard this year.
  3. Nas. Nas came out with “Life is Good”. Is has great creative beat and Nas is very good in the album. His flows are really fast and hard to follow which puts him at number 3
  4. Lupe fiasco. Lupe came out with “Food and Liquor 2” Lupe is one of the most lyrically gifted of the rappers on the list, but his style is a little not as appealing as other rappers.
  5. Pusha T. Pusha T came out with great singles like “Pain” and “Exodus” and had numerous parts in “Good Music Cruel Summer.” While he was fairly active I think his flows get a little repetitive and I don’t think he is as the skill level of the rappers at the top of the list
  6. 2 Chainz. 2 Chainz is one of the best sounding rappers of 2012. He has very creative rhyme scemes and his style makes him really entertaining. He came out with on of the most popular albums of the year “Based on a T.R.U. Story.”
  7. Big Sean. Big Sean also had a part in Mercy along with many parts in “Good Music Cruel Summer. He also came out with one of my favorite mix tapes of the year “Detroit.” He has a similar style as Kanye with a very unique voice.
  8. Meek mill. Meek Mill came out with the album “Dreams and Nightmares” and the mix tape “Dream chasers “He is a very good up-tempo with a unique voice and style. One negative is his songs get repetitive with many similar sounding songs.
  9. Drake. Drake is featured in many songs this year but he didn’t produce as much music as other rappers but I still think he one of the most talented rappers of the year.
  10. A$ap Rocky. Asap has not created very many track this year but he is a great up and coming rapper that is very talented.


  1. Productivity
  2. Quality of music/attractiveness
  3. Artists’ Popularity
  4. Artists’ Skill

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